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Till further notice all orders via the webcatalog for items in stock for over Euro 69.00 shipped within Europe is free of shippingcost. And you also get a ticket for the monthly draw of 3 Giftcertificate prizes at Lapp-Elisa Quilts, and also for the yearly superdraw of one Janome Horizon quilting machine - see more info at our website!

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Rust Marble Mania - Patrick Lose

Mulberry Marble Mania by Patrick Lose

Marble Mania - Patrick Lose

Marble Mania - Patrick Lose

Ivory Marble Mania Ivory - Patrick Lose

Mable Mania Gold - Patrick Lose

Blush Marble Mania - Patrick Lose

Marble Mania - Claret - Patrick Lose

Marble Mania - Nutmeg - Patrick Lose

Blossom Marble Mania - Patrick Lose

Meadow Marble Mania - Patrik Lose

Poison Marble Mania - Patrick Lose - 50 cm

Pink Marble - 50 cm

Hot Pink Marble - 50 cm

Emerald Marble - 50 cm

Apple Green Marble - 50 cm

Beige marble

Green Marble

Pale Pink Marble - 50 cm


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