About Lapp-Elisa
Welcome to Lapp-Elisa Quilts in Lennartsfors, Värmland:-)

After 10 years of quilt fabric and quilt frenzy, I desided to start my own quilt and patchwork fabric shop on the Web in 2001. Lapp-Elisa Quilts was situated in an old "vicars farm" built 1825 in the countryside of midwest Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. in 2010 we moved to the old schoolhouse in Lennartsfors and our neighbors are still moose, wolves, foxes and deer, although we live in the more "central" area of the village now:-) After we moved we organize regular quiltcamps which are so popular all weekends through 2020 are already booked, some weekdays are available so contact us if you like to know more:-) "Lapp" means patch in Scandianavian, and also signifies the original inhibitants of northern Scandinavia.

We ship world wide, our "home market" is Europe, but customers everywhere can enjoy our patchwork paradise with several thousand quilt and patchwork fabrics, books, patterns, and every notion you may think of - and some you don't:-))

Our opening hours are Thursday and Friday from 11-17, but you are also ofcourse welcome to call +46 702044099 if you'd like to come any other time:-)

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