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Kraft-Tex Hand Dyed and Pre Washed 6 sheets 8½x11 inch

Kraft-Tex PREWASHED Paper Fabric 18.5 inch x 28.5 inch (46 cmx75 cm) Black

Pochette Ball Frame Lavender - Ellen Medlock

Pochette Ball Frame Pink - Ellen Medlock

Terrier St. Tropez TOTE KIT - Pink Sand Beach Designs

Bag handles leatherlook lime polkadot 40 cm

Riviera Handbag pattern - Pink Sand Beach

Itty Bitty Beatle Bag pattern - Abbey Lane Quilts

Classic Carryall Handbag & Tote pattern - Andrie Designs

The Berlin Slouch pattern - Nicole Mallalieu

The Wanderer bag pattern - Natalie Bird - The Birdhouse

På Shopping pattern - Bente Malm Quilte-Design

Roadtrip ( Ut på tur ) pattern - Bente Malm Quilte-Design

Foldable Shoppingbag pattern ( Sammenleggbart handlenett ) - Bente Malm Quilte-Design

Josefines bag pattern ( Josefines veske ) - Bente Malm

This & That Purse pattern - Bente Malm ( Duppeditt-pung )

Cute Folders pattern ( Söte mapper ) - Bente Malm

Knitting Bag pattern ( Strikkeveske ) - Bente Malm

Shoppingbag pattern ( Handleveske ) - Bente Malm

Backpack pattern ( Ryggsekk ) - Bente Malm

Summer Bag pattern ( Sommerveske ) - Bente Malm

The Beauty to Go Clutch pattern - Fishsticks designs

Caddy Pad pattern + 1 yard Insul Bright isolating batting

Caddy Pad Junior pattern + 1 yard Insul Bright isolating batting

The Fun-to-Go Kids Tote pattern - Fishsticks

The Going for a Stroll Hands Free Tote pattern - Fishsticks designs

The Go Figure Tech Bag pattern - Fishsticks

The It All Goes Here Sewing Organizer pattern - Fishsticks

The Let's Go Baby! Diaper Clutch pattern - Fishsticks

Banana Bag pattern - Lazy Girl Designs - Joan Hawley

Zoey Zips pattern - Lazy Girl Designs

Carry Me pattern - Melly & Me

241 Tote pattern - Noodlehead - Anna Graham

Runaround Bag pattern - Noodlehead - Anna Graham

Caravan Tote + Purse pattern - Noodlehead - Anna Graham

Crescent Tote pattern - Noodlehead - Anna Graham

Sew a Clutch pattern leaftlet ( Sy en Foldeveske ) - Else Skjemstad og Wenche Wolff Hatling

Easy Bag pattern - Northern Quilts

Bon Voyage Tote pattern - ByAnnie

Going Places Hobo pattern - Poorhouse Quilt Design

Market Tote pattern - Pleasant Home Patterns

Yvette pattern - Quiltbiten

Knitting-Bag pattern ( Strikke-veske ) - Runa M

Knitting Companions pattern ( Strikkedamens Venn ) - Ryum Quilt

Basket Bag pattern ( Veskekurven ) - Ryum Quilt

Hetty Hold All pattern incl metallic kit - Sassafras Lane Designs

Sew Together Bag mönster - Sew Demented

Shelby Satchel pattern - Sassafras Lane Designs

Tourist Tote Bag pattern - Sew Many Creations

Messenger Bag pattern - Sewing Cards - Valori Wells

Who's Night Out pattern - Susie C Shore

Whatcha Got? pattern - This & That

Hexie Happy pattern - This & That

The Time to Go Shopping Sack pattern - Fishsticks

VW Computer Bag pattern

The You Go Girl Backpack pattern - Fishsticks

Woven Ditty Bags pattern - Aunties Two Patterns

Tassels 6-pack 15inch/4 cm Classic

Tassels 6-pack 15inch/4 cm Metallic

Divalicious Wallet Frame 8 inch Gun Metal

Divalicious Wallet Frame 8 inch Nickel

Bag Handles leatherlike 27½ inch


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